In a world where lives are increasingly defined by turbulence and uncertainty, the call for leadership is more urgent than ever before.

The Mentoring Leaders to Millions news letter is designed for experienced leaders who are well on their way, as well as those just beginning their journey to greatness. This news letter will serve as a beacon of hope, inspiration and direction for anyone aspiring to obtain the rarest resource on the planet – LEADERSHIP. You’ll receive Brad Hager’s private leadership principles not shared anywhere else as well as his newest material before it gets published.
 Include you’ll find beautifully crafted stories and gleam from the experience of outstanding leaders and their fascinating paths to success. You will also receive invitations to FREE mentoring calls where rather than hearing textbook logic and stereotype rhetoric Brad will teach practical solutions  to real leadership problems of today. These calls are chocked full of valuable strategies that are timely, relevant and sure expand your leadership horizons.
Whether you are male or female, young or old, raising a family, leading a small Sunday school class, or building a large network marketing business, the Mentoring Leaders to Millions news letter and Mentoring calls are A MUST for anyone serious about advancing their success and personal development.

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Brad Hager and his wife Marcia have 37 years combined experience and have earned over $20 million in the network marketing industry.

They have trained and helped 10 people become millionaires and/or multi millionaires, and collectively built downline organizations of over 350,000 people with sales over a billion dollars.

Brad’s forte is mentoring and equipping leaders to not only build large organizations but to also amass teams that perform at high levels and create vast incomes.